2020 3D-PEIM Plenary Speakers

Plenary I – 1

Title: To Be Announced
Yoshikazu Takahashik, Tohoku University, Japan

Plenary I – 2

Electrification of Automobile and Activities of TOYOTA for Future Mobility


1.     Vehicle Electrification

Toyota announced in 2017 that it expects our sales of new electrified vehicles to be more than 5.5 million units, including more than 1 million zero-emission vehicles (BEVs, FCEVs), in 2030. But the advance of electrification is taking place at a speed that is faster than expected, suggesting that Toyota should prepare to reach our forecasted numbers nearly five years earlier.

Toyota considers electric motors, batteries, and PCUs (power control units) to be the three core technologies of electrified vehicles. Since introducing the first-generation Prius, we have promoted the evolution of hybrid systems, including 3 core technologies. We have realized big evolution in each technology through the development and production through these 22 years. 

2.     Activities for future mobility

Toyota decided to transfer the semiconductor business to DENSO and to establish a new company to develop semiconductor devices to strengthen the semiconductor development of Toyota group. We start MIRISE Technology on April 1st this year.

We also announced to create a smart city (Woven City) in the Higashifuji area and some demonstration experiments there. Toyota is planning to change from an automobile company to a mobility company. We have many test driving courses in Higashifuji Technical Center. But, we need an entire city to test our newly developing mobility. So, we are planning to construct “Woven City.”


Keiji Toda, Professional Partner, EHV Electronics Design Div., Toyota Motor Corporation, Japan
2017~2019: SiC Alliance chief of secretary

2009~2020: SiC device development and Promotion of SiC National Projects

2004~2009: Packaging development for Semiconductor at Hirose Plant

1999~2004: Planning for Automotive Electronics at Head Office

1996~1999: Planning for Advanced Automotive Electronics at Higashifuji T.C.

1987~1996: Automotive semiconductor in-house manufacturing at Hirose Plant

1981~1987: Advanced Battery development for EHV at Higashifuji T.C.

1981 April~ : Joined Toyota Motor Corporation

1981 March: Graduated Kyoto University, Faculty of Engineering, Polymer Science, MS degree


Plenary I – 3

Title To Be Announced
Hans Juegon Albrecht, Dresden University, Germany


Plenary II – 1 “Diamond Device…”

Title To Be Announced
Toshiharu Makino, AIST, Japan


Plenary II – 2

Applications with SiC Power Devices for Railcar

Mitsubishi Electric developed the world’s first train propulsion system applied SiC power modules in 2011. After that, we are developing SiC applied applications for railcar, which are propulsion systems and auxiliary power supply system. The SiC applied applications are high efficiency, compact size, and lightweight comparison with previous systems applied Si power devices. In this presentation, the concepts and features of our SiC product will be introduced.

Yasutaka Imamura, Mitsubishi Electric Corporation, Japan
From 2014 to 2019: Developed SiC applied traction systems in ITAMI WORKS

From 2019 to Present: Developing next generation SiC power modules in R&D center