3D-PEIM 2023 Program 

3D PEIM 2023 Preliminary Program 9.15.2022 (opens in new tab)

Program at a Glance

Session Chair
S2: IVR for Computers and Servers Siddarth Ravichandran, Chipletz
S3: Multiphysics Design & Tools Rajen Murugan, Texas Instruments
S4: Additive Manufacturing Peter Friedrichs, Infineon
S5: Manufacturing Technologies Jason Rouse, Corning
S7: Materials I Interconnects & Lead Attachments Andy Mackie, Indium Corporation
S8:  Materials II Substrates & Encapsulants Ninad Shahane, Texas Instruments
S9: High Power Module Integration Cyril Buttay, Laboratoire Ampère, Lyon
S11: Thermal Management and Reliability Patrick McCluskey, University of Maryland
S12: Passive Component Integration John Bultitude, KEMET Corporation
S13: Low Power & Telemetry Shubhendu Bhardwaj, Florida International University
S14: Tour of FIU Labs Markondeyaraj Pulugurtha, Florida International University

Keynote Speakers