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    Why do you need a minimum deposit casino?
    The reason for minimum deposit requirements is not greediness of the gambling operators. The fact is that, as a rule, online gaming institutions themselves pay commissions for transferring money from bank cards or electronic systems to players’ accounts and back. The amount of deductions is proportional to the transaction volume, but always has a minimum threshold, so it is unprofitable for casinos to accept tiny deposits and pay commission on them.
    It is advantageous to deposit the minimum amount
    Small deposit size has its pros and cons. Let us briefly list them:

    You get to test the online casino, if you play for the first time: the convenience and reliability of the institution, the speed of payments, the quality of customer support and much more. You don’t risk large sums of your own money.
    Even if you play at a casino online with a minimum deposit – you become a full-fledged customer and get access to bonuses, promotions and tournaments. For example, the best Ukrainian casinos offer all their customers free games on new video slots as soon as they are launched.
    Casino managers will email you information on casino events, draws and promotions, and there’s also a good chance that you’ll receive very lucrative personal bonuses, the main thing is not to miss them.
    Experienced players recommend making minimum deposits at several reputable casinos to be able to choose the most generous offers all the time.