The Fourth International Symposium on
3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing


3D-PEIM 2023 Session

A very successful 3D-PEIM
was held February 1-3, 2023 
Hosted by Florida International University, Miami, FL, USA

The 3D Power Electronics Integration and Manufacturing Symposium, chaired by Raj Pulugurtha, FIU, was held February 1-3, 2023, and hosted by Florida International University (FIU) in Miami, Florida. The Symposium is financially sponsored by Power Source and Manufacturing Association (PSMA) and technically sponsored by the IEEE Electronic Packaging Society (EPS) and Florida International University. There were seven Partners/Exhibitors: Amkor Technology, FIU Biomedical Engineering, KEME – a YAGEO Company, Wolfspeed, Indium Corp, and Carbice, which also contributed to the success of the event. General Chair Raj Pulugurtha, FIU, in collaboration with Technical Program Co-Chairs John Bultitude, Kemet, and Vanessa Smet, Georgia Tech, presided over the development of the Symposium. 3D-PEIM focused on the integration of packaging, circuits, materials, and manufacturing to create state-of-the-art power sources. The sessions were organized to provide technology updates for design, packaging, and manufacturing engineers. All engaged in research and the practical applications of materials, components, manufacturing, and qualification of power sources. In addition to the excellent sessions on Power Modules, Manufacturing Processes, and Modeling, some breakthrough technology for magnetics and capacitors were presented.

The presentations, slides and recordings, from 3D-PEIM 2023 are available here.

3D-PEIM 2023 was a Hybrid Symposium with 95 in-person attendees/speakers and 5 virtual speakers. The attendees and contributors represented 8 countries from industry, academia, and government. They were treated to 3 information-packed days of 42 presentations (7 Plenary, 15 Keynote, and 20 invited/submitted) with 7 posters. The in-person attendees were treated to a lab tour of FIU Electrical Engineering.

The workshop consisted of many excellent presentations. The program opened with a welcome to FIU by John Volakis, Dean of the College of Engineering and Computing, giving us a warm welcome and hints on the hot spots in Miami. There were many excellent presentations. There is only room to highlight a few. Plenary Speaker, Madhavan Swaminathan, Pennsylvania State University, gave an engaging presentation emphasizing the need to reduce copper losses by getting higher voltages to the Integrated Voltage Regulator (IVR) and CPU chip stack. Plenary Speaker Rao Tummala, 3D Electronics Systems Packaging Research Center, gave an intriguing look into the future, proposing that by 2040 computing speed would increase 1 million times, and the industry wants to power that capability with power sources the same size and cost as today. He and other speakers emphasized that the new Moore’s law will only be possible with a combination of packaging and transistors, and power sources must keep pace. Keynote speaker Matt Kelly, IPC, reminded us that substrate advancement is critical to this continuous size reduction, empathizing government funding is needed to ensure the substrate and packaging receive the same investment as chips. The passive world reminded us that without shrinking magnetics and capacitors power sources would be unable to keep pace with shrinking packages. Noah Stricken, Ferric Inc., and Matt Wilkowski, Enachip, presented solutions for integrating and packaging inductors. Plenary Speaker Fred Lee, Virginia Tech introduced the possibility of integrating inductors in PCBs at power levels up to 9 kW for increased efficiency and cost reduction. Mohamed Jatlaoui, Murata highlighted significant breakthroughs in capacitor size for embedding in PCBs, introducing a 1 uf 0404 chip capacitor only 50um high. B. K. Summey, KEMET, astounded us with circuit board packaging technology for passives and a commitment to increasing the capacitance of an 0402 package by 2X-3X. Louise Duker, SMOLTEK announced a partnership with KEMET to bring ultra-thin carbon nanofiber capacitors to market, starting with samples of 0402’s less than 100um thick in 2023.The hottest overall topic was creating new packaging concepts to accommodate the demand for higher power density power sources. These power sources will need low parasitics using wide bandgap semiconductors to reduce the size (or keep the same size but increase power output) and increase efficiency. The audience engaged in lively conversation on how to unite a) the progress in semiconductor fabrication, b) optimal packaging, including substrates and passives, and c) combined state-of-the-art modeling and testing to achieve the next generation of power sources.

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PSMA holds the 3D-PEIM Symposium every two years. The location and date of the 2025 edition will be announced in society and industry publications in 2024.

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