Sponsors, Exhibitors & Partners

3D-PEIM 2023 Exhibit Partner Benefits:

Each Exhibit Partner has the opportunity to present products on a 3D-PEIM Virtual Tabletop Website page with:

  1. Up to 5 Resource Files (PDF and/or Powerpoint) (maximum 2 megabytes per file)
  2. One Video, up to 5 minutes.
  3. Logo on the 3D-PEIM Exhibitors Partner page with a link to the Partner’s website.
  4. Banner on the Virtual Tabletop page and on a Program Break Slide
  5. The Virtual Tabletop page will be available on the 3D-PEIM website for the duration of the Symposium and promoted during the breaks.

Interested in being a 3D-PEIM 2023 Exhibit Partner, contact info@3d-peim.org.

Diamond Exhibit Partners:

Amkor Technology logo

Platinum Exhibit Partners:


Gold Exhibit Partner:

Wolfspeed logo

Financial Sponsor:


2023 Technical Sponsors:

Florida International University

IEEE Electronics Packaging Society (EPS)



Media Partners: